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The best form to discover and contact with the main natural and cultural values of Peneda-Geres National Park is by hiking over the mountain trails.

In the National Park there are a lot of properly signalled trails with some of them including interpretation leaflets. Additionally, you can just chose hiking on the pathways used during centuries in daily rural life or by pastors. Be asssured that you will feel unbelievably peaceful and reaching out to the beauty of the old soul hidden in these nice places!

Most of these trails are located inside the area of the natural environment of the Peneda-Geres National Park.

Trail Lima Escape / Lourido

The trail Lima Escape / Lourido, is a nice pedestrian path of medium complexity that begins at the camping site, through the village of Entre Ambos-os-Rios, run along the Froufe river, come up to the bridge in Lourido and returns back to the campsite.

Distance of the trail - 7.5 km, time required - 2h30mn

Degree of difficulty - Medium

Type of signalizations on the trail: signposts and similar pictures on the stones pointing the direction (the yellow and red marks).

PNPG Trails

There are several marked trails in the Park. For most of these trails there are individual leaflets with detailed information, which are available at the reception of our Camping site, in the PNPG Gates and other Information Centers of the National Park.

Advices for the hikers:

Before starting the trail you should study it. In case of doubts, please clear them out with the staff of the Camping Park.

– Use some proper shoes and clothes for walking in the mountains.

– Take with you water, your cellphone, the trail map and your camera.

– Pay attention to your walking on the mountain trails. The small stones, roots and other obstacles could casue you to fall in case of distraction.

– Do not disturb the surrounding environment with unnecessary noise.

– Do not disturb the birds and the animals.

– Keep a safe distance between you and the animals.

– Do not leave trash on the trail. Keep the trash with you and throw it away only in the garbage containers.

– Do not fire or throw cigarette butts on the ground. You could cause a fire.

– Do not walk alone, or with bad weather conditions.

– Identify always the points of the interest at the map to identify better your current location.