Lima Escape / Partnerships


Our business partners:

Planeta Lima - Activities such as Kayak and Raft, Mountain biking, Hiking and Trekking, Archery and Paintball and Blowpipe. 

Aktiva Natura  - Activities such as Kayak and Raft, Mountain biking, Stand-Up Paddle, Hiking and Trekking.

Toboga - Various types of activities such as Kanyoning, Hiking and cascading water.

Natur 4 - Activities such as Hiking, Wine tourism and special guided tours.

EquiDesafios - Activities such as Horse rides, Carriage rides, small Adventure park.

EquiCampo - Mountain Tourism & Activities like Horse Riding and Horse riding lessons.

Quinta de Fijo - Equestrian Tourism.

Pena Aventura - Activities such as Fantasticable, climbing, Negative sault.

Diverlanhoso – Adventure park.

Camping & Campsites in Portugal

 The Getaway Van - Rent of mini auto caravans at low cost! Total freedom of choice! The adventure of a lifetime!


Tour Wanderlust - scenic and cultural touring